Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Lineup


Name: Greg, Jr.
Nickname: “Junior,” or “Cuddles”
Weaknesses: Peanuts


Name: Splinter
Nickname: “Broadside”
Weaknesses: Corn; “Becca” (see below)


Name: Reggie
Nickname: “Monk,” or “Bunny Head”
Weaknesses: Carrots; “Becca” (see below)

“My Fair Lady”

Name: Harriet
Nickname: “My Fair Lady”
Weaknesses: Corn


Name: Rebecca
Nickname: “Becca”
Weaknesses: Sunflower seeds; Men

Ladies and gentlemen, my flock.

1 comment:

tanya said...

awww, no wonder they go for "Becca." cute squirrels, mister.