Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Possible New Recruit

So I’ve been scouting a squirrel for a few weeks now. He never gets too close, though, so I’ve had a problem getting a good look into his eyes. As for his temperament, he seems more suited for the life of a soldier (he once snatched a starling from the sky) than anything else. Not sure if he’d be good as an entertainer. Oh, I tried taking some photos, but he didn’t seem willing:
Well, he was there, sitting on that lowest branch. The little bastard’s fast.

You can just barely see him in the center of the photo.

If you can believe it, he leaped from the lowest branch on the tree to the left all the way to the tree in the center of the photo. This little guy’s amazing.

He was on that large branch. Damn. Missed him again.

You can just barely see him at the top of that tree in the distance.

He likes to hide under here and mock me.

Interestingly, the nest he grew up in is still nearby:

He’s definitely worth it, folks. Maybe I can train him to lead my next anti-terror squirrel unit.


W. H. Hinkley said...

Nice pictures.

Squirrel said...

Neat blog you have here! Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day!